Visual Communication

‚How love affects your body – a biochemical love story‘

The following video shows a project I did in a group of four people for the course Visual Communication within the ‚International Journalism‘ minor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Love – one might assume the most magical thing in the world. But some of the affects love has on our body are also explainable through science and scientific research.

We wanted to explain our target group how love actually affects the human body and which hormones are involved in the biochemical processes.

As hormones and its impact are a very complicated and scientific topic we wanted to make a video, which is easily to understand but also exciting to watch.

Target group

We want to reach millennials, whom we define as those ages from 18-30 from Europe, who are interested in education and scientific facts. Mostly our target group itself finished high school or already studies at a university. They are curious about how the human body works and want to consume summarized and well-described information.

The group we target our video to lives a healthy life, meaning they are aware of what they consume and in which way they do so. Sports and clean eating, as well as the results on the human body are important to them.

To make it easier for our viewers to follow the facts we are explaining in the video our visual decision consists of three main choices combined with a lot of love and passion.

  1. KeyNote Animation
  2. Stop Motion
  3. Iconography (animated in Adobe Premier)


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